Monday, March 16, 2015

Nice Day to Smoke BBRibs

Mar 15 2015

It was a nice spring day to be outside and smoking some BBRibs! Ribs are probably the hardest cut of pork for me to do and get done consistently the way I like.  I usually end up with them too done and fall off the bone; but I would rather have them too done than not done enough.

This would be the first time for doing ribs with my new Savannah Stoker v.3 controller. I knew I could hold my temps closer to what I wanted it to be so I decided on a 5 hour cook; 2-2-1, 2 hours on smoke 215 deg. 2 hours wrapped in foil at 225 deg. and one hour unwrapped at 250 deg.

Still using a cane most of the time and the back not completely healed I want sides that are quick and easy to do. I would have some baked white sweet potatoes and Bush’s Grillen beans Southern pit style from the can. I had some crusty bread for bread and butter.

I wanted my ribs done my usual way with a little red wine vinegar to wet, ample Penzey’s Galena Street rub and I would add some Kah’s BBQ sauce when I wrapped them. I was out of Kah’s sauce but had some Walnut Creek apple butter BBQ sauce that is good.

I usually do up the ribs with the vinegar and rub the night before but being a little lazy waited until this morning and they went in the fridge a few hours before smoking.  When I did them they were not completely thawed out so figured 2 ½ hours on smoke mode. They were previously frozen but from my butcher and no additives, just good pork.

I put the ribs on the smoker at 12:30 and planned on supper at 6:00. My wife had gone to a movie with a friend so it was just me & the dog here to cook and enjoy the afternoon sippen some good beer too!

The cook went fine; my new Savannah controller had it right where I wanted it. I was keeping a close eye on my grill level temps with my Maverick temp probe.

At 3:00 I placed the ribs on foil, brushed on some sauce and wrapped for two hours. When I unwrapped them at 5:00 I knew another hour they would be too done but the sweet potatoes were not ready so I waited until 5:45 to take all inside.

Too done but the ribs were tasty and all was pretty good. My wife said they were the best tasting ribs I have done in a while; if Mama is happy so am I!!! I figure if I live long enough I will get my ribs right one of these days!

Vinegar and rub applied

After 2 1/2 hours on smoke, 215 deg.

Sauce added and wrapped in foil

Sweet potatoes on at 4:30

After 2 hours in foil at 225 deg.

All done and ready to take inside

My supper

A slice after it was cold

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