Sunday, March 15, 2015

Installed a new Auger Motor

Mar 12 2015

Back at the end of December when it was warm enough that I installed my new Savannah Stoker v.3 controller I noted something wrong with the cooling fan blade on the auger motor. Looking close I could see it was actually broken. I was able to place it back on the shaft and get that days cook done with no problems.

I got a new auger motor ordered from Traeger and thought while I was at it I would get a spare hot rod too. The auger motor fan probably could have been glued and repaired. It had lasted me over four years so I wanted a new one and will keep the old for a spare.

I got the auger motor changed out yesterday and did a four hour smoke today on some pastrami that I will finish tomorrow.

The Traeger is pretty easy to work on and changing the auger motor is about a half hour job. First empty all the pellets from the pellet bin down to where you can see the auger. You will need a small table to lay the pellet hopper on. There should be enough wire harness you can leave all hooked up and lay down while you change the motor.

You will see 4 phillips head sheet metal screws holding the pellet hopper to the barrel; two in the front and two in the back. When you get them out the pellet hopper will lift off the auger feed tube and you can lay it down.

New Auger Motor installed

You simply unplug the old auger motor and there is one allen head machine bolt holding the motor shaft to the auger bushing. It has a nylon lock nut on the bottom. Since you won’t have the auger loose from the bushing it should stay in alignment. When you get the old one removed just bolt the new shaft in place and plug in the electrical hook up and you are ready to reassemble.

Broken fan blade

When you get the pellet hopper re-fastened in place check underneath and make sure all the wires are clear of the fans and you are ready to go.

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