Monday, October 27, 2014

Smoked Peach Braised Pulled Pork

Oct 26 2014

I found the recipe at and liked the sounds of it since I like peaches. I changed it to smoke the pork roast until I would normally wrap it and braise it instead to get to final temp. Since I was eating alone, the wife went to Dayton to see the grandson play soccer and then shopping, I made a pot of baked beans on the smoker while doing the pork.

I used a bone in pork loin roast and a butt would have been better. The beans did not turn out good, I was using some Jacob’s cattleman’s beans, and they turned out mushy. I had burnt instead of caramelized onions so I was not real happy with my supper.

The pork was not as good as I thought it would be but some of you who like sweet BBQ might like this. I tend to like my pork and beef on the savory side. A little more heat to balance the sweet some may have made it better for me.

I used a photo of my lunch sandwich I had today. I did like the combination of the peach jam and Dijon mustard for the spread.
Ingredients to braise

Pork roast ready to smoke

After an hour on smoke

159 deg. IT ready to take inside


Onions and seasoning sauteing

A little beer added to deglaze

Roast rest of beer and peaches added to braise

Pork's ready

Roast cooling

First pull

Final pull, peaches and some juice added in

My sandwich

Ready to enjoy

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