Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chicago Italian Beef open face sandwich

Oct 06 2014

I was glad our son was able to take my wife to the dentist early today to start a long process of getting two tooth implants. They pulled a tooth and put in two screws today. She came through it well.

I am still limping around on my bad leg. I wanted something for my supper tonight and had an excess of flank steak I had rolled and smoked in the freezer. I was hungry for some Chicago style Italian beef. I usually use a good all meat beef roast like eye of round or sirloin tip cap. The flank steak has very little fat so sliced thin it would work. I used about two pounds.

I can’t stand up very long prepping food so I put a tray and cutting board on the table and sat down to slice up the meat. I got it all in my Crockpot at noon and set it on high for the first two hours and then turned down to low the last 3 to 4 hours. After the first hour I added a couple of pats of butter and some sea salt. My beef broth was fat free so I added the butter to get some fat in it.

I had some take home and bake hard crust dinner rolls for my bread so I baked it at 4:00. At 5:00 I stirred in a tablespoon of porcini mushroom powder to enrich the beef broth some. I had some store bought real mashed potatoes for a side. A few years back I would make my own mashed potatoes but as I get older I look for a lot of short cuts. I drained a can of yellow corn and heated with some butter for a side.

We ate about 6:00. I had my sandwich open face; the mashed potatoes on the side, corn on top with gravy over all. My wife’s numbness was gone and was hungry so she had mashed potatoes and some bread with gravy over it. She has to eat all soft food for five days now.

That sure tasted good on a cool fall day. Our son stopped in at 6:30 and made two sandwiches to take back home with him.
Half the beef sliced

Onions in the pot

Peppers in

Beef and seasoning in

All in

Ready to serve

My supper

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